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My hunger is called Eva


“My hunger is called Eva” ( Bulgarian: “Моят глад се нарича Eva” ) is a movie that we made in 2012-2013 within a week or so. We met in bar ” Ko sha pravim” for a drink and started working on the movie the following day.

The movie was made by Krassimira Butseva and Todor Vankov, starring Petya Trichkova and Shterio Paspalev. 

Thank you all for the time and energy you have put into this project and also thank you Arbor L for the catering support! The movie is about how we are waiting for something big to happen in our lives… And we keep waiting and waiting…

Award – Audience Award at the “V Obektiv” Film Fest Asenovgrad Bulgaria ( ІV фестивал за късометражно кино „В обектива” – Награда на публиката).


Petya Trichkova 

Shterio Paspalev

Film directors:

Todor Vankov

Krassimira Butseva


Todor Vankov

Krassimira Butseva


Todor Vankov


Angel Marinov


Camera:   Nikon 7000

Camera:   Canon

Linse : Nikkor 18 – 70   F 3.5-5.6

Linse : Sigma 50 mm   F 1,5


About Audience Award at the “V Obektiv” Film Fest

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