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My Pokémon go experiance

Hi all 😀,

I am very Impress from the VR feeling of “Pokémon go” and I will like to make here something like Dictionary how it works for me. I am for now very impressed from the feeling 🙂 .


At the first day i catch some interesting Pokémons on the streets of Düsseldorf  – Paras , Zubat , Rossana, Tauboga, Traumato.

Very nice place to catch pokemons is Nord Park in Düsseldorf with many chack points and Arena. 🙂

I recive some eags. To recive Pokemon from the eag you need to put it in a incobator and walk 5 km :). I walked just 2.5 km.

Tomorrow i fly to Bulgaria. Lets see if the game with my german arcond works there.

Have a nice day 🙂


Hi all Pokemon go friends 😀

I get back from my vacantion and start Pokémon go again. First i traveled in the Subway in Düsseldorf and Pokemon go worked not really perfect, but was ok. I catchend one Pokemon in the Subway 😀.

Later I waked at Rhine river in Düsseldorf and catch some nice Pokemons. Hier is a list of the Pokemons and some pics from the fights. 😜

Nidoran wp 97

Ibitak wp 120

Zubat wp 95

Machollo wp 177

I walked more then 5 km and recive my first pokmon from my first egg 🙂 . It is a nice Quapsel wp 79 🙂



Hi all Pokemon go hunter 😀

I get today some new and interesting for me Pokemons 🙂 They was sometimes very playful like this 🙂 Taubis wholooking after my coworker 🙂

I lost 2 pokemons over 100 wp, but I catch more then 20 others. Here is a list of the most interesting pokemons what i chatch today and some pictures. 🙂

Karpador wp 31

Raupy wp 23

Abra wp 25 ( sleeping at the river Rhine 🙂 )

Knofensa wp 42

Krabby wp 51

Tauboga wp 117

Muschas wp 35

Smogon wp 152

Nebulak wp 10

Dratini wp ??

Rossana wp ??

Goldini wp 11

I get 2 eggs and received Sandan wp 124 and Glumanda wp 148. Ftom the eggs I received pokemons with more higher wp.



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